With the ever growing threat from improvised explosive devices (IED’s) and other suspect packages, the public will be protected by our new blast containers.

  1. What is M-BC500C4?
  2. Technical Info

What is M-BC500C4 ?

Movena Blast Container is a cylindrical assembly consisting of composite woven fibers combined with a flame retardant bonder designed to withstand blast and fragments from explosive device containing up to 500 g of C-4.

The Blast Container enables the user to contain a suspect package while awaiting the arrival of the bomb squad by simply and safely roll the drum over the object without the need of manipulating the potential bomb.

The drum has been designed in a way that the bomb squad can analyze the suspect object through the walls with standard X-Ray equipment.

Should an explosion occur, the blast is channeled upwards and lateral fragmentation is significantly reduced. The exterior of the drum is fitted with 2 rubber rings to allow the container to be easily rolled into position.

Bomb Blast Containers - Movena Protecting People

Typical applications: 

Mail department, airports, rail stations, police departments, public shows and demonstrations, sensitive buildings, administrations, sport events… 

The MOVENA blast container can be used discreetly as a trash strategically placed where parcel bombs can be dropped, or used directly as a containment system with clear pictograms.

Technical Info

Technical information (other dimensions available upon request):

Height 900 mm 
Exterior diameter  535 mm 
Interior diameter 517 mm
Wall thickness 9 mm
Weight 47 kg