M-ARC (Movena Attack Resistant Composite) protection panels range has been developed by a specialized team to suit a variety of different applications. The product is widely used among the security and police force sectors.

  1. What is M-Arc?
  2. Technical Info

What is M-Arc?

M-ARC is a composite material that is totally integrated into the body of the vehicle. It is designed to absorb and resist to the impact of projectiles in a hostile environment such as a riot for example and therefore to protect both occupants and the exterior of the vehicle.

All our panels and moldings are produced with a smooth gel-coat finish providing a “like for like” vehicle detailing.

M-ARC External Protection Movena 

Technical Info

 Technical Information and Characteristics:

  • Our panels and moldings are thin (around 5mm thick) and are bonded to the structure of the vehicle in order to offer maximum protection.
  • Class A fire retardant, ideal protection against Molotov Cocktails.
  • Class BR1 against EN1063 norm in its standard version but other configurations are available in order to reach higher protection levels.
  • Shotgun resistant.
  • Panels can be manufactured color specific to the customer’s requirements.
  • Direct replacement for original wings and bonnets.
  • Over clad system for doors, side panels and roofs.
  • Lightweight (6 kg/m²).
  • Easy to repair (no need for a car steel work).
  • Resist multiple impacts.
  • Does not modify car manufacturers’ structure (crash test).
  • Can be combined with a lighter ballistic protection inside the vehicle.